The 2016 Sound Art Matters conference in Aarhus (DK) focuses on ‘sound art matters’: on how sound art matters, how sound in art matters, and on the matter of which sound art is made. Instead of seeking to categorize and define what sound art is, the conference seeks to develop a more precise understanding of the terms, ontologies and epistemologies we operate within. How and why does sound and sound art matter within artistic and academic discourses ranging from a focus on materiality to contextual meaning, from technological media to embodied experience?

Jamie Allen, Critical Media Lab Senior Researcher, will present historical-artistic and technical discussions of the concept of acoustic infrastructures as related to an eponymous contemporary curatorial project planned for the summer of 2016 in NYC (in partnership with EYEBEAM / National Endowment for the Arts). Artistic referents include Lawler’s 1972 work Bird Calls, which involves the artist turning the names of well-known male, modern artists into bird calls and playing these through the DIA building’s outdoor PA system, and Jens Haaning’s Turkish Jokes from 1994 in which jokes told by Turks in their own language were played through a public loudspeaker. This presentation will be given in collaboration with Danish sound art curator Morten Søndergaard.

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