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Introducing: The Lab Showcase

Made in the Lab: Fall-Blatt by Florian Kaeser

Student Resident Florian Kaeser

IXDM and the Critical Media Lab Basel are excited to welcome Florian Kaeser, who will be working at the lab for his BA-thesis in Visual Communication. For that, he is experimenting with old split-flap displays from Swiss Federal Railways SBB. He is creating abstract images forms and animations with the letters of those displays. The […]

Lab Resident George Adel Farid

IXDM and the Critical Media Lab Basel are excited to welcome George Adel Farid, who will be working at the lab for the forthcoming period as part of a Pro Helvetia residency. George is a music composer, sound artist and mechanical engineer. His work combines tape machines, field recordings, acoustic and electronic instruments. He is […]

Day in the Lab

Critical Media Lab Basel featured in ACM Interactions magazine.

IXDM / CML – An Introduction

A video portrait of our institute and lab.

Swiss Presence at London Design Biennale 2018

Body of Us is the collective Swiss contribution to this year’s London Design Biennale.

How To Build A Lie Lecture/Video

Watch the video version of a lecture performance by Jamie Allen and Moritz Greiner-Petter.

Critical Media Lab at transmediale 2017

Join us in Berlin for mapping Impossible Escapes and activating the Earth Observatory Array.

Laboratories in art and design

Claudia Mareis, head of IXDM and the Critical Media Lab, in a radio conversation about the new wave of labs (in German).

What is a Media Lab?

An interview with IXDM’s Claudia Mareis and Jamie Allen about the Critical Media Lab Basel.

Critical Media Lab featured in Swiss newspaper

A visit to the Datacube

The ixdm at transmediale and CTM festival 2015

Join ixdm’s discussion and workshop sessions in Berlin on the 1st of February 2015.


Documentation of an audio-visual performance staged at the Preview event in 2014.

On the move…

A sneak peek on the Critical Media Lab.

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