In this session we are delighted to host Chus Martinez for an exploration of questions of gender, power and institutions in the arts. The Institute of Art of the Academy of Art and Design FHNW is currently raising issues around women in the arts and arts education in the form of a recently held symposium Promise no Promises! as well as the research project The Women’s Factor. In times when institutional and discursive struggles against power imbalances diversify through categories such as race, class, sexual identity or age, we must admit that seemingly quite well-known issues like the gender pay gap or the number of women in leading positions are still far from resolved. We want to continue our own engagement in these contexts through an explicitly intersectional perspective that also problematizes intersections of power and practices, identities and discourses, communities and institutions in the fields of arts, design, and the academy. Sometimes complex processes start with simple steps: To invite each other, to listen, to learn. Together we will discuss how gender in the context of intersectional issues affects our own practices, approaches, methods; what possible world might actually be a desirable one; and by which tactics and strategies we might be able to get there.

Participants are invited to read Chus Martinez’s article “But Still, Like Air, I’ll Rise” for preparation.

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