This talk will focus on approaches towards automated procedures that contribute to the enhancement of creative culture through mixed, yet mostly digital, technologies. Automation and democratisation in design, knowledge and modes of production open potentials for individuals to smoothly navigate through different creative fields like digital polymaths, as well as understand design as a synthetic process that is shared and negotiated between machine and human voices of varied disciplines. Such symbiotic relationship of human and technologies follows the idea of the Centaur- mythological hybrid of two species that in reciprocal manner complete and empower traits of their individuals, rather than oppose or blend them. As such, it creates an inclusive platform of multiplicities beyond competitive dichotomies or forced naturalization.

The lecture will present several explorative projects of such kind as different scenarios that combine natural and machine intelligences, varied design methods, mixed fabrication means including post-industrial robotic approach, standard industrial and manual crafts; traversing between materialized and digital realms of architecture, design, performing arts and others creative fields.

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