The Visible Turn: Contemporary Artists Confront Political Invisibility

Exhibition in Florida features work by IXDM’s Jamie Allen and Karolina Sobecka.


Inside Motion

Virtual Surgeons in the Convergence Zone of Gaming and Medical Imaging. A Report about an Ongoing Exhibition Project. A colloquium session with Reinhard Wendler.


Give and Take

Presentation of an immersive multi-media installation about metabolic processes across micro and macro scales.


This cycle, here, this one.

Lecture-performance by Karolina Sobecka and Jamie Allen.


9 Hysterical Media Truths You’ll Never Believe!

Workshop and Open Call by the Critical Media Lab Basel for this year’s transmediale festival in Berlin.


Phantasms of Decentralization?

Conversations about commoning with coming media at transmediale festival in Berlin.


Epistèmes concrètes. Coding knowledge

Season’s last colloquium session with IXDM researcher Felix Gerloff.


Improvising Institutions

Lecture and workshop at the symposium Kunst an den Rändern in Kiel.


On the dependence of our world view on the duration of our moment

Research project “Sensorium of Animals” as part of solo exhibition by IXDM researcher Susanna Hertrich at Mannheimer Kunstverein.


Sampling Methods Readers

A comparative cross-reading and discussion of selected research methods readers.


Sensorium of Animals

Project exhibition at the Academy of Art and Design Basel.


Workshop Artistic Research

In this workshop, researchers from IXDM together with guest presenter Prof. Dr. Michael Schwab (artistic researcher and co-initiator of the Journal for Artistic Resarch) will ask what artistic research means today, look into specific aspects of the question and discuss selected case studies. Workshop Program 1. Lucie Kolb Wreaking Havoc on the Rules of Grammar […]


Introducing Matters of Activity

In this colloquium session, Claudia Mareis will introduce the new cluster of excellence Matters of Activity. Image Space Material at Humboldt-University Berlin.


Life Is Good For Now at Q21 Vienna

The speculative design project by Bernd Hopfengärtner and IXDM researcher Ludwig Zeller will be shown in the group exhibition Under Pressure – Über Formen des Autoritären und die Macht der Entscheidung (On Forms of Authority and Decision-Making Power). The project originated within the IXDM project Poetics and Politics of Data and has been perceived internationally […]


Inventive Methods: Lucy Suchman – Configuration

“Methods for studying science and technology, like their research objects, are both already made and always in the making.” In this colloquium session we will discuss Lucy Suchman’s article on Configuration. It is part of the collection Inventive Methods by Celia Lury & Nina Wakeford that has been forming a cornerstone of discussions of methodologies […]

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