Sounding Out the Anthropocene

The international exploratory workshop will investigate the fruitfulness of a media ecological approach to sonic phenomena in the light of the Anthropocene discourse. Sonic aspects of global media infrastructures and current ecological issues will be discussed as well as smaller-scale sonic media constellations. The workshop is a collaboration of the working group Auditory Culture and Sound Studies of the Society for Media Studies (GfM) and IXDM.

Registration is open until February 19th. Participation is limited.

Thursday, 10.03.2016

10.00 am – Welcome Coffee & Introduction (Miyazaki/Gerloff/Schwesinger)

11.00 amPresentation Panel I: Sonic Architectures (Chair: Felix Gerloff)

Jan Philip Müller: The Electronic Battlefield, the Acoubuoy and The Ears of the Jungle. The Becoming-ecological of Radiophonics in the Vietnam War, ca. 1966-1974

Carlos Gárate Marquerie: Underground as a Sonic Space

Steffen Lepa: An ecological systems theory approach to the digital Mediatization of everyday music listening

Malte Kobel: ›Simple Headphone Mind‹. Listening environments around the skull

1.00 pmLunch Break

2.00 pmProject Explorations at CML

The Institute of Sonic Epistemologies (Ludwig Zeller, Martin Rumori)

Designed Immediacy (Christiane Heibach, Andreas Simon, Jan Torpus, José Navarro)

Times of Waste (Flavia Caviezel, Mirjam Bürgin, Anselm Caminada, Marion Mertens, Andreas Simon, Yvonne Volkart)

3.15 pmPresentation Panel II: Bio/Media (Chair: Shintaro Miyazaki)

Daniel Gilfillan: Of Parrots, Behaviors, and Moods. Thinking about Sound in the Anthropocene

Thomas Nückel: Cellular Sounds Project. A Sonic Experimental System Based on Cellular Automata

Beate Ochsner/Robert Stock/Markus Spöhrer: Auditory Ecologies. Documentary Practices of (Non-)Hearing

Mark Peter Wright: The Thing about Microphones

5.15 pmCoffee Break

5.30 pmKeynote I: Seth Horowitz: Where the Wild Things Hear. Auditory Worlds Beyond the Human Experience

7.00 pmDinner

Friday, 11.03.2016

9.30 amPresentation Panel III: Hearing Universes (Chair: Sebastian Schwesinger)

China Blue: SpectroTemporal Aesthetics. Time, Space and Place

Christoph Borbach: From Material to Sonic Soundings

Friedlind Riedel: Situation-Listening

Jacob Eriksen: Non-Listening. Affect, Hearing and the Sonic Everyday

11.30 amCoffee Break

11.45 amKeynote II: Astrid Schwarz: Technology in the Anthropocene. Is Homo Hortensis the »New Man«?

1.15 pmLunch Break

2.00 pmPoster Session

Ben Byrne: Experimental Music and the Anthropocene: From Thoreau to Cage and Werder
[Download Poster]

Tobias Linneman Ewé: The Noise of Oceans: Sonic Experiences of the Objects we Cannot See
[Download Poster]

Amina Abbas-Nazari: Across The Sonic Border (Variations on 50hz)
[Download Poster]

Alissa Cherry: Sounds of the Outskirts
[Download Poster]

2.30 pm – Working Session: Sound Studies & Media Ecology?

5.00 pmCoffee Break

5.15 pm – Final Discussion: Desiderata & Future cooperation possibilities

6.30 pmEnd

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