Carlos Gárate Marquerie – Underground as a Sonic Space

Understanding the underground as a determinant territory with a strong capacity in shaping geopolitics and social as well as power structures of the surface, but also as an imaginary space full of symbolizations, I will talk about how the exploration and exploitation of this space go in parallel with these images that humans use to occupy a quite unknown place. I will trace how these constructions lead to the Anthropocene.

I will use sound as a thread to develop my thesis. I consider the underground a sonic space rather than a visual one. Earthquakes are basically an acoustic phenomena. Most animals that live underground perceive reality through the vibrations of the soil. Also most of the economic practices that take place in the underground are carried out using sound as the main tool for orientation. These practices that reshape the surface and the collective imaginary of the underground are an important element in the Anthropocene.

Carlos Gárate lives and works in London where is currently studying Sound Arts at London College of Communication. Carlos researches, both theoretically and in his artistic practice, the agency of Earth’s materiality and energies on Human systems. He works primarily with electromagnetic waves and subterranean vibrations to build his sound performances and installations.

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