Critical Media Lab’s Jamie Allen will be in Denmark this week for the release of two culminating public projects, part of ongoing collaborative work with Viennese artist-organiser Bernhard Garnicnig. Their collaborative project My Holy Nacho, a network-produced sculpture named for a mishearing of the name Moholy-Nagy, will be featured at the former church turned cultural venue, Nikolaj Kunsthal through early April. For this portion of the work, Sectioning: My Holy Nacho, the ‘Internet-produced’ object (~1 meter cubed) will be ‘sectioned’, or sliced and preserved, in an action that reveals the impossibility of entirely understanding the heretofore undisclosed processes that brought it the object into being, destroying traceability as the always pernicious side-effect of attempts to know the world.

The Nikolaj Kunsthal presentation is held in conjunction with Kunsthal Aarhus and the online commission Order: My Holy Nacho (, created with the help of Critical Media Lab Junior Researcher Moritz Greiner-Petter. The My Holy Nacho project was produced with the help of Sóley Mist Hjálmarsdóttir.

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