Student Resident Florian Kaeser

IXDM and the Critical Media Lab Basel are excited to welcome Florian Kaeser, who will be working at the lab for his BA-thesis in Visual Communication. For that, he is experimenting with old split-flap displays from Swiss Federal Railways SBB. He is creating abstract images forms and animations with the letters of those displays. The […]

Almanac for the Beyond

Publication on experimental eco-criticism features contributions by IXDM’s Jamie Allen.

Contribution to publication “Exhibiting in an Educational Field”

Essay by Lucie Kolb on Langtang art space as a model for research in the art field.

Lab Resident George Adel Farid

IXDM and the Critical Media Lab Basel are excited to welcome George Adel Farid, who will be working at the lab for the forthcoming period as part of a Pro Helvetia residency. George is a music composer, sound artist and mechanical engineer. His work combines tape machines, field recordings, acoustic and electronic instruments. He is […]

The Art of Instituting

Contribution by Jamie Allen and Bernhard Garnicnig in Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art

Day in the Lab

Critical Media Lab Basel featured in ACM Interactions magazine.

Happy Holidays!

»Critical By Design?« conference videos online

In May, the team of the research project Critical Artifacts organised Critical By Design?, an interdisciplinary research conference on design as a mode of critiquem, held in Basel. Invited speakers included Jeffrey Bardzell, Shaowen Bardzell, Carl DiSalvo, Igor Galligo, Bruno Gransche, Anja Groten, Søren Bro Pold, Alice Twemlow, Peter-Paul Verbeek, Matt Ward, Janneke Wesseling, and […]

Commons in Design

New SNSF-funded research project starting in spring.

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