Artist-run research and teaching have long been the source of transformative potentials and radical rethinkings of how communities can be, work and act together, as distributed, collective, synchronic, autonomous and connective. These much deliberated communities support and cultivate the knowledge practices of curious people – artists, researchers, designers; thinkers and makers, activists; administrators, activators and organisers. In our current moment, such communities, if they are operational, are by default both digital and real, streamable and graspable. The very existence and prolonged discourse around such communities directly affirms the need for new forms of encounter between people, producers and audiences. We always need to co-create new potentials and formats for discussing, presenting, learning, sharing – knowing – as well via critical reflection on the media and the technological conditions that allow us to work together.

For Coded Cultures: Openism, Critical Media Lab Senior Researcher, Jamie Allen along with the publishing collective continent. assembles a programme of experimental and experiential, erkenntnis-oriented encounters where people driven by curiosity toward modes of friendship and scholarship support each other in their matters of concern – personal and professional intents forever colliding in “Open Scenarios for Non-Trivial Pursuits”.

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