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Institutions as a Way of Life

This is an artistic research project description that describes an ongoing research project. It was collaboratively in a text editing application. It is intended to explain that there is an ongoing project about institutions of culture, art and learning, and how these relate to individual creative practices and collective political engagements. It is a project description of a project that is how to disentangle the representationalism of own roles and various understandings of institutions.

Institutions as a Way of Life explores and projects the legacy of Institutional Critique and develops models of instituent practices in terms of micropolitical actions, radical pedagogies and artistic processes. It will reveal how technology, media and art can reflex and open up new infrastructures for thinking and doing. It aims at generating a critical understanding of the relation between institutions and individuals as a condition to and as a shaper of our relations to the world.

The research collects multiple, non-canonical meanings and divergent responses of ideas and realities of institutions. It enacts ethnographically inspired artistic research and cross-readings of recent art history and discourses of politics, economy and philosophy.

The research addresses three example environments in institutions of art and culture: museums, archives and art schools. IWL understands institutionality as a site of emancipation and negotiation between individual actors and structures of power and regulation. IWL explores how histories of art, political economies and pedagogical initiatives have changed the relationships people have with institutions, which traces a particular history of ideas. Insights and actions informed by this history help us to modulate institutionality, and create conditions and infrastructures we would like to live in and amongst. Research questions include:

  • What are important and inspiring institutional experiments, boundary objects and fringe cases in art history, technology and political-economics?
  • How do we interface and experience institutions and institutionality in language, media, and communications?
  • How can artists consider and study institutionalisation as a creative process?
  • What such tactics and strategies can we transfer to micro- and macro political communities?

The project will contribute to experimental instituent processes, it will unbuild models and develop reflections and teaching activities in the hope of allowing more equitable, heterogeneous, accessible relations with and within creative institutions.

Project Activities

Bernhard Garnicnig at Muthesius Kunsthochschule
Who is an Art School?
CoCreate Workshop Report
memeclass.worldwide at »Escaleras Futuras«, SantaFe Gallery, Bogotá
Bregenz Biennale 2020: The Art of Hosting
Annotating Workshop 4
Fourth and final event in the Annotating workshop and discussion series.
Bernhard Garnicnig as Visiting Scholar at The New School of Social Research
memeclassworldwide New Media Art #workshop #takeover
Luiza Crosman: Artist Talk
As part of the workshop Annotating Decentralisation & Graphic Design.
Annotating Decentralisation & Graphic Design
Third event in the Annotating workshop and discussion series.
Institutional Attitudes
Institutions as a Way of Life workshop at the Kunstmuseum Basel
Institutional Studies by Artists
Institutions as a Way of Life researchers Bernhard Garnicnig and Lucie Kolb to talk at Congress of the Swiss Sociological Association 2019
Control Twenty One
Launch of magazine issue at Chalton Gallery London.
Annotating Publishing & Print
Second event in the Annotating workshop and discussion series.
New Column “Institutional Diary”
Call for open words on actions in today's institutions for Brand-New-Life magazine.
Book launch: Artwork as Institution
For the first time, the publication “Artwork as Institution. Stephen Willats” edited by Institution as a Way of Life researcher Lucie Kolb brings together the Mosaic works by the British artist Stephen Willats, which were created in Great Britain and Finland in the 1990s. In his Mosaic works, Willats uses the medium of the book […]
Annotating Feminism & Performance
First event in the Annotating workshop and discussion series.
Designing Community
IXDM with two talks at conference on making community in Paris.
Contribution to publication “Exhibiting in an Educational Field”
Essay by Lucie Kolb on Langtang art space as a model for research in the art field.
IWL at SAR Conference
The team of Institutions as a Way of Life with a session at artistic research conference in Zurich.
The Art of Instituting
Contribution by Jamie Allen and Bernhard Garnicnig in Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art
Improvising Institutions
Lecture and workshop at the symposium Kunst an den Rändern in Kiel.
Lucie Kolb lecture in Berlin
IXDM’s Lucie Kolb gives a lecture on publishing and instituting.
“Retreating into the external world”
Lecture by IXDM's Lucie Kolb at ZHdK in Zurich
Institutions & Inspired Research?
Colloquium session with IXDM researcher Lucie Kolb.
Exhibition PhD from Practice
With contributions by IXDM researcher Lucie Kolb
What Artists Institute
Colloquium session with Bernhard Garnicnig.
Temporary bookshop “151 Allmendstrasse”
151 Allmendstrasse is a temporary bookshop in Zürich-Manegg initiated by Ann-Kathrin Eickhoff and Institution as a Way of Life researcher Lucie Kolb. Located in an empty shop on the ground floor of the recently completed cooperative building on the fringes of Zurich, “151 Allmendstrasse” opened in summer 2018 for two months. “151 Allmendstrasse” had books […]
Un-Blackboxing A.I. / Institutions as a Way of Life
A shared colloquium session with Yann Patrick Martins and Lucie Kolb.
Exhibition by IXDM researcher Bernhard Garnicnig at MAAT Lisbon.

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