The data centre is a place where the cosmos that is the cloud materialises as an array of technologies. It is designed to provide optimal conditions for servers and profits from the absence of humans: a human exclusion zone, as it were.

Cloud Cosmogram is a speculative mapping of the technological, logistical, affective and labour infrastructures that data centres constitute. It is based on a variety of data centre visual and textual ephemera that emerged through the authors’ research, including fragments of text and images about data centre technician jobs, architectural elements and security infrastructures, technical patents for server maintenance, or a composition diagram of data cables. Together they construct an exploded view of data centres that “does not reveal hidden (infra)structures or logistical relations of data centres, but considers these relations as speculative media of the transformations of labour and social relations.”

Cloud Cosmogram
Accompanying essay for Data Farms by Maya Indira Ganesh and Johannes Bruder.