Shift Register are pleased to announce the publication of 東京 シフト / Tokyo Shift, a bi-lingual collection of essays, short poems, images and drawings created during and in response to the creation and installation of the Tokyo Earth Observatory Array as part of Critical Media Lab’s Shift Register project.

Two colour plates – a shell brooch made by a Japanese WW2 internee in the US, an environmental amplifier, part of EOA Tokyo – herald its 100 pink pages in a nod towards Hans Magnus Enzenberger’s 1980 edition of Johann Most’s Revolutionäre Kriegswissenschaft. Less explosive but equally adorable, the book catalogues texts and images produced by the artists Kota Tekeuchi and Elico Suzuki, and theorists William Andrews and Mayumo Inoue, in response to the Tokyo project as introduced through an essay by Jonathan Kemp from Shift Register.

The book would not have been possible without the efforts of the many people involved in the project and special thanks go to Merle Ibach and Elico Suzuki for their hard work on the design, layout, and final print handling; to the translators Ryosuke Kondo, Hohi Ikeda, Yuko Kadono and Sakiko Sugawa; to Hand Saw Press for the risograph printing; to Kobune-sha for publication and distribution; and finally to all the contributors, participants, performers, hosts and supporters who enabled the Tokyo Shift projects in 2017 and 2018.

東京 シフト / Tokyo Shift

Date of issue 01.06.2019, 104 pages (colour/b+w), 100 copies


ISBN 978-4-908160-05-9

1000JPY / 10CHF / 9EUR

Available from and the Critical Media Lab Basel.