Annotating is a series of workshops and discussions, seeking to elaborate and explore perspectives on institutional practices. They are public events, with invited partners and collaborators, oriented by specific sub-thematics, such as feminism, technology, individuation, dividuation, performance, publishing.

The event series are interventions into a process of public making, a process of publication. “Annotating”, a series of open access readers will result — a set of compiled and commented, annotated and reworked edited compilations. Each “Annotation” is developed by a commissioned collaborator, a select author-compiler, who’s inspired and inspiring work is to bring into momentary focus, and relation, institutional-practices from a given perspective. What are the perspectival strategies, tactics and practices of engaging with institutions and institutionality? We look to these different, sometimes conflicting or productively disjunctives, as they emerge, as non-totalising, splintered and as a resistance to forced cohesion or general applicability.