The Covid-19 pandemic has created a need for improved remote learning tools that connect different scales and locales, while allowing for new forms of consensus-building media practices. The Rewrite Collaborative Framework is a digital learning framework built around annotation as a collective practice, aimed to support collaborative reading, writing and meaning-negotiation practices as enabling dialogue and action on urgent global challenges.

As scholarly and educational practices are already collaborative meaning-negotiation practices, they include heterogeneous perspectives and incorporate feedback. Digital media technologies can not only enable novel ways of enhancing those practices but imbue them with a radically democratic orientation, enabling access, transparency and participation.

Through the development of the digital learning framework, we encourage students to collectively read, analyze, and annotate while discussing how decisions pertaining to climate action are made at local levels and set future socio-political protocols. The learning framework is designed with student participation and developed in the context of a CoCreate course focusing on the topics of civics and climate change, paired with technology and media practices that mirror and underpin processes in those spheres (Title of the course: “Rewriting Climate Politics”).

Through workshops, teaching formats, and open courseware documentation, the digital learning framework aims to reach beyond the classroom, to build a growing community of learners, readers and publics interested in tackling environmental, social, and political issues.