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European Forum for Advanced Practices
EU Cost Action
Research network to promote exchange on emergent forms of artistic- and practice-based research across diverse contexts.
Institutions as a Way of Life
SNSF Project
Institutions as creative practice.
Sharing Knowledge in the Arts
SNSF Project
Securing and examining a pioneering project in testing radical open access practices in the arts.
Shift Register
SNSF Project
An investigation into how human technological and infrastructural activities have marked the earth.
Extended Ecologies
Pro Helvetia
A joint program between Medrar for Contemporary Art Cairo and CML to facilitate ongoing critical environmentalisms between North African and European artists with XR.
On "dividing" as a term of generous contradiction, and a collective effort to situate techniques for making research public through propositions, open review and a hybrid publication.
Experimental Data Aesthetics
SNSF Project
Multi-sensory exploration of high-dimensional data sets as an issue in design research.
Designed Immediacy
SNSF Project
Atmospheric experience in an affective-responsive environment.
Ubiquitous Museum
CTI Project
Ubiquitous Computing for knowledge transfer, exhibition design and museum operations.
FHNW Strategic Initiative
Exploring ways to co-design a touch panel game in the retirement home.