Governing through Design
An interdisciplinary study of how design has since the mid-20th century become increasingly political.
Ground Tests
Studies and activities in communities of extra-disciplinary art, design, and media research.
An online tool for collaborative design processes.
Architectonic Studies of Radio
Experimental design research into the ways of organising archives on radio signals.
Paradigms of Ubiquitous Computing
Art-based research on the intersubjective, world-constructing capacities of Ubicomp technologies.
Cycles of Circulation
Analyses and creates new ways of relating to and representing ecologies and ecological awareness.
The Commons in Design
Open source and open design in contemporary design processes.
A Journey to Palmyra
An interactive mapping of the afterlife of Palmyra in digital traces, memories and data collected on the Internet.
Automated Innovations
Machine Arts in the 20th and 21st century and its relations to subject, medium, process, and creativity.
Thinking Toys for Commoning
Alternative urban neighborhoods as a field of research in experimental-transformative media design.
Institutions as a Way of Life
Institutions as creative practice.
Exploring ways to co-design a touch panel game in the retirement home.
Shift Register
An investigation into how human technological and infrastructural activities have marked the earth.
The Sensorium of Animals
Electroreception in experimental and historical media and design research.
Augmented Space
Knowledge production in hybrid spaces augmented by interactive and locative media.
EU Forum for Advanced Practices
Network for the promotion of artistic- and practice-based research.
Critical Artifacts
Design as a critical mode for the reflection of information technologies.
Machine Love?
Creativity cultures in underground electronic music production and software engineering.
Times of Waste
Tracing the networks of material and symbolic transformations of waste.
Moulding the Human Being
Clothing as a cultural practice: The example of Hanro, 1884 to 2012.
Systematic Discovery
History and practice of creativity and ideation techniques.
Studio Algorhythmics
An ongoing inquiry into algorhythmic structures in our contemporary life, culture and society.
Project Archive

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