Governing through Design
SNSF Sinergia
An interdisciplinary study of how design has since the mid-20th century become increasingly political.
Ground Tests
SNSF Project
Studies and activities in communities of extra-disciplinary art, design, and media research.
European Forum for Advanced Practices
EU Cost Action
Research network to promote exchange on emergent forms of artistic- and practice-based research across diverse contexts.
FieldPlatform / Plataforma­Campo
A research network and media platform prototype that both critiques and creates new planetary intimacies between Switzerland and Colombia.
Institutions as a Way of Life
SNSF Project
Institutions as creative practice.
Critical Publishing
FHNW Fellowship
An exploratory study of critical publishing as a learning tool.
Teaching the Radical Catalogue
Interrogation of the prevailing practices of organizing knowledges in libraries in the Global North.
The Rewrite
The Rewrite is a digital learning framework built around annotation as a collective media practice.
The Environmental Fix
Exploring how elemental media undergird processes of manipulating, engineering and “fixing” climates across geographies.
Cycles of Circulation
SNSF Project
Analyses and creates new ways of relating to and representing ecologies and ecological awareness.
Shift Register
SNSF Project
An investigation into how human technological and infrastructural activities have marked the earth.
Visualizing the Virus
An international digital project that showcases and investigates the diverse ways in which SARS-Cov2 and the COVID-19 pandemic is visualized and the inequalities it makes visible.
Times of Waste
SNSF Project
Tracing the networks of material and symbolic transformations of waste.
Spacial Perception
Cross-border everyday life seen from an interdisciplinary perspective.
SNSF Project
Esthetics of sustainablility in the Basel border area.
Systematic Discovery
History and practice of creativity and ideation techniques.
Automated Innovations
SNSF Project
Machine Arts in the 20th and 21st century and its relations to subject, medium, process, and creativity.
SNSF Project
Media ecological infrastructures for biodiversity.
Extended Ecologies
Pro Helvetia
A joint program between Medrar for Contemporary Art Cairo and CML to facilitate ongoing critical environmentalisms between North African and European artists with XR.
Critical Listening to the Global South
SNSF Practice-to-Science
Decolonial intervention into sound and media studies to generate new knowledge around temporality, spatiality and subjectivities.
Architectonic Radio Explorations
SNSF Spark
Experimental design research into the ways of organising archives on radio signals.
The Sensorium of Animals
SNSF Project
Electroreception in experimental and historical media and design research.
Experimental Data Aesthetics
SNSF Project
Multi-sensory exploration of high-dimensional data sets as an issue in design research.
Augmented Space
SNSF Project
How the visibility and legibility of a place is reconfigured by the use of interactive and locative media technologies.
Scaling Material Urban Commons
SNSF Practice to Science
A speculative city-making project investigating automated logistics for commoning rescued food.
Critical Artifacts
SNSF Project
Design as a critical mode for the reflection of information technologies.
Paradigms of Ubiquitous Computing
SNSF Project
Art-based research on the intersubjective, world-constructing capacities of Ubicomp technologies.
Designed Immediacy
SNSF Project
Atmospheric experience in an affective-responsive environment.
Ubiquitous Museum
CTI Project
Ubiquitous Computing for knowledge transfer, exhibition design and museum operations.
FHNW Strategic Initiative
Exploring ways to co-design a touch panel game in the retirement home.