Infrastructures Critiques is a collection of essays on media, technology and infrastructure by Jamie Allen, in French, published with the Presses du réel, Petite collection ArTeC. Series editor Yves Citton.

The book includes “Critical Infrastructure” (Allen & Gauthier), “Signal Aesthetics” (Allen & Jordan), “Sitting On Top of the World” (Allen), and “Beyond the Media Reveal” (Allen). It also features an introduction by Marie Lechner and an afterword by Julie Beth Napolin.

How do we perceive and think about the infrastructures that condition our perception, thinking, and experience of our world? Four essays by Jamie Allen, whose experiments as an artist and researcher cross media, disciplines, and borders, invite us to make visible the digitized world’s backstage work and think (post)critically about the very notion of critique.

ArTeC series editor Yves Citton will host a launch event in Paris with Jamie Allen as part of the public conference “Alienating Infrastructures, from Tarnac to Neom” organized by the University Paris 8, the research team FabLitt, the ArTeC+ postdoctoral program, and the NesT MCA Rise Program.