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Cycles of Circulation – Knowledge Practices and Planetary Flows Between Science, Representation and Control

Cycles of Circulation creates new ways of relating to and representing ecologies, and interventions in climate governance processes through creative and scholarly practices. The project examines historical as well as contemporary and speculative relationships at the intersection of political ecology, science and technology studies, and art, design and media as knowledge practices. It is interested in contemplating the entangled metabolisms of organisms and their environments, and instances in which ‘cycles’ are used and abused in ecological, technological and political histories and communications, and in the ramifications of these in public imaginaries.

Project Activities

Cycles of Circulation at the 18th Swiss Geoscience Meeting in Zurich
(un)mutable channels
Online and offline sound installation for the The Shape of A Practice events at HKW Berlin.
Cycles of Circulation launches instagram research account.
Cyclical Crossings: Easternised Planetary Futures
Digital Dictatorship or Digital Democracy?
Jamie Allen to talk at online symposium as part of Angewandte Festival 2020.
Governance: Documents & Monuments
At the EFAP Virtual Summer School Migration, Media, Governance: Advanced Practices.
“Messy Studio”: Aquapolitics Along the Gulf Stream
Jamie Allen to present at virtual summit hosted by TBA21–Academy.
"Trace Carbon" Workshop at AMRO 2020
Cycles of Circulation present “Trace Carbon” workshop at the 2020 Art Meets Radical Openness festival.
The New Carbon Consciousness
Webinar with Karolina Sobecka, organized by Swissnex China.
What does radical ecological research look like?
Guest presentation by Karolina Sobecka at NYU's Radical Ecologies Lab.
Cycles of Circulation selected for new mLab residency programme
Double Counting: The Odum Oration
Performance lecture by Karolina Sobecka and Jamie Allen.
Open PhD Researcher Position
Cycles of Circulation: Carbon and Eco­logical Sinofuturism
Teaching and research collaboration with Shanghai Tongji University.
Terra Effluviens
Jamie Allen taking part in workshop about Excavating the lost diagrams of the Anthropocene in Croatia.
Cycles of Circulation shortlisted for Schloss Solitude Web Residency

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