“Radical Fashion Exercises: A workbook of modes and methods” is a book of step-by-step exercises by designers, curators, artists, educators and students, who are imagining an alternative future, often from the radical peripheries of the industry. It approaches fashion not simply as an industry but as a complex phenomenon that is both the subject of research and creative practice. Oriented around the themes and intentions of this project, in this lecture, discussion and workshop, editors Mohajer va Pesaran and Gardner discuss their shared research and practice, and will share insights into the context and process of the edited volume. This presentation will culminate in a workshop drawing on the methods in the book to invite PhD students to construct transferable and interpretable methods based on their research and practice.

Daphne is an Iranian-Canadian academic and designer. She is the Program Manager of the Bachelor of Textiles (Design) and lectures in fashion and textiles design and research. In her research and design practice she works with garments/products made from handmade paper and explores what sustainable materials and relationships can emerge in communities of human and nonhuman people.

Laura Gardner is an editor, lecturer and co-publisher of Mode and Mode. Her research and projects focus lays on the methodologies of experimental publishing and the performative and critical potential of the page in fashion and other creative fields. She is currently lecturing, as well as freelance writing and editing.

Radical Fashion Exercises