In her artistic practice Zeenath Hasan engages with food as material for knowledge production. Her works have been commissioned to culinarily articulate, amongst others, the violence in language, reverence and fragility in inter-species relations and the somatic in the act of cooking and eating. She is Senior Lecturer and Head of the Design Department, Linnaeus University, where, through two generative work sites, the Food Lab on campus and an urban farming collective called TheDirt off campus, she invites students, researchers and artists to manifest holistic relations through collective initiatives and immersive, participatory explorations.

For this public talk and discussion, Zeenath Hasan will be in conversation with members of the Regenerative Energy Communities collective, in the context of the opening of the exhibition Energy Giveaway at the Humuspunk Library. If we start with soil, how can we imagine cohabitations, and community transition-infrastructures to create practices that can flip paradigms, embrace grimy creativity and ferment revolt?