By inviting the colloquium participants to engage in various dreaming and/or listening scenarios, the colloquium seeks to establish a communal space for in-depth exploration of sound, fostering a critical approach to the subject. Simultaneously, it encourages a collective examination of the sociopolitical phenomena that arise at the intersection of [artistic] sonic practice and listening. The colloquium will examine how experimental listening techniques can serve as accessible, non-academic tools for gaining [political] insights into the world around us.

In line with the theme, the event will showcase two guest researchers who are actively investigating the use of sound and listening as instruments for communal practice and imaginative world-building. These guests are Bint Mbareh, a Palestinian sound artist who explores communal singing practices and the profound significance of water as a source of both life and destruction, and Tatiana Heuman, an Argentinian musician, researcher, and artist whose work revolves around the concepts of dream listening, dream translation, and oneiric cartographies.


Bint Mbareh is a sound artist and researcher with a curiosity about the superpowers of communal singing. Her initiation into music came through her research on rain-summoning in Palestine. She conducted research initially to combat the myth of water scarcity pushed by Israeli settler colonialism. She learned that the songs that helped communities summon and harness rain, at their core helped people build a relationship with their environment, decide what time of year it is, communally determine how to share resources fairly, and that when used in current life, these uses could still be evoked, rather than remembered. She now studies death and rebirth as analogies for necessary upheavals, still looking for these significations in Palestinian landscape, especially the shrine of Nabi-Musa (AS), the prophet Moses. She holds a BFA from University College Maastricht, and an MA Ethnomusicology from Goldsmiths University of London. Since 2019, she has been a co-founder and co-curator of the Exist Festival in Palestine.

Tatiana Heuman is an artist and researcher exploring the intersections of sound, movement, and media through an embodied listening practice. With a MFA from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and certification in Deep Listening®, Tatiana facilitates labs and workshops applying somatics and dreamwork to foster community exchange. Her fieldwork centers on dialogue, vulnerability, and transformation across perspectives. Previously, Tatiana toured internationally as a musician with the free improvisation band Ricarda Cometa and under her solo experimental electronic music project Qeei. She has performed in various festivals such as CTM, Heroines of Sound, and Tauron Nowa Muzyka. Recently, she released ‘Luminous,’ her latest hybrid-club-sound work, in 2023 through Infinite Machine. She has composed and performed for dance productions with choreographers Olivia Hyunsin Kim/ddanddarakim and Constanza Macras/Dorky Park and held residencies at institutions like PACT Zollverein, Theater neben dem Turm, and Hellerau European Center for the Arts. By cultivating sensitivity to inner and outer worlds, her practice works to build relationships across disciplines and cultivate social change.

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