We are pleased that Dr. Viktor Bedö and Dr. Budhaditya Chattopadhyay both were successful to receive one of the prestigious Practice-to-Science Grants by SNSF. They will teach and research as guest professors at IXDM, FHNW Academy of Art and Design over the coming years.

Viktor Bedö has a background in philosophy and street game design. He is crafting care-based and more-than-human imaginaries of urban tech futures. His research practice is concerned with making- and fiction-based design methods invested in the hard work of imagining urban futures: exposing friction between city-scale infrastructure and idiosyncratic, situated street-level experience, probing the shift from human-centred to more-than-human design methods, and critically conceptualising scale domains in scaling up urban processes. Viktor joint the Critical Media Lab before in the project Thinking Toys for Commoning, and is now continuing his research at the lab on Scaling Material Urban Commons.

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay is an artist, media practitioner, researcher, and writer. Incorporating diverse media, creative technologies and research, he produces works for large-scale installation and live performance to address contemporary issues of environment and ecology, migration, race and decoloniality. He holds a PhD in Artistic Research and Sound Studies from Leiden University, The Netherlands (2017), and a Master of Arts degree in New Media from Aarhus University, Denmark, after graduating from SRFTI, India’s prestigious national film school. At the CML, Budhaditya will elaborate a project on Critical Listening to the Global South.

The SNSF awards Practice-to-Science grants to qualified experts with proven practical experience who wish to join a university of applied sciences or a university of teacher education as a professor, and to newly appointed professors at a university of applied sciences or a university of teacher education who wish to strengthen the academic component of their dual scientific-practical skill profile.