Dividing captures a generous contradiction: it is as much about dividing things up, as it is about joining together. Dividing assumes radical irreducibility of different cosmologies and a reemergence of a critique that challenges both the dialectical negation and the persistence of affirmation in contemporary posthumanism. To divide is to perform a quantitative operation by which we achieve an equal distribution. It is the mathematical operation of articulating a ratio: it requires inclusion of rational numbers to compute quantities. Concurrently, division is about unity – government or corporate activity organized in a functional unit, or a territorial section. By taking part in something somebodies are united.
The Dividing meeting on 14 January 2023 will host 10 participants who will discuss the term in relation to their research and present 7 contributions for the ‘D’ issue of the Techniques Journal, scheduled for publication in early 2024. The participants come from different academic and practical backgrounds, including architecture theory, philosophy of technology, African studies, new materialist informatics, network- and performing arts and feminist hacking.

The meeting will be open to interested students and researchers, please contact Selena Savic (selena.savic@fhnw.ch) to inquire about attending.