Extended Ecologies is a joint program between Medrar for Contemporary Art in Cairo and the Critical Media Lab Basel that aims to create and reflect different ways that extended reality (XR) technologies can transform our relationship with physical environments, ourselves and other beings. XR is here not only used as a tool of mediation but is the object of reflection and creation on all realities, virtual and otherwise.

The capacities of immersive and surround media to translate experience, space, place, and evoke empathy and care for peoples and places are foregrounded. We will bridge gaps between research and production in art and design, as well as facilitate ongoing dialogues between North African and European, Egyptian and Swiss artists. The program consists of hybrid, public and invitational Research Labs as well as a Production Lab for artists, and a series of public performances. These activities complement one another through a series of interactive events and research publications which stimulate new ideas for XR uses in critical, creative production.

Medrar announces this program within the framework of MedRX, its newly launched umbrella project consisting of a series of activities (workshops, labs, exhibitions, screenings, meet-up sessions etc.) aiming at building a community of artists from different disciplines interested in developing their arts practices through the exploration and integration of available XR technologies.
Extended Ecologies Production Lab

Production phase of the Extended Ecologies programme hosted by Medrar Cairo, resulting in an exhibition of critical XR projects developed by participating artists and the release of a project publication.

Extended Ecologies Research Labs

In two research labs in February, selected participants and guests explore how virtual and real spaces can co-influence and co-create one another.

Extended Ecologies – Phase One: Research Labs

Open call for artists and researchers from Egypt and Switzerland to explore and reflect the possibilities of extended reality (XR) technologies through the lenses of ‘ecologies’ and ‘migrations’.

Deadline extended until 30 November.