MoneyNations was an exhibition, a webzine, a radio, a conference, a video archive, a printed publication, an infrastructure, a counterpublic, an ongoing discussion, a transnational network of friends. Initiated by Marion von Osten (1963 – 2020) as curator at the Shedhalle Zurich, the project evolved from an urgency to act against the hegemonic forces of “the West” within the radically changing condition of post-Cold War Europe. MoneyNations addressed—and intervened in—the interrelatedness between racist border policies and media representations, exploitative economic relations, and identity-forming processes. The applied methods of critique and organizing, transversing between art, theory, and activism, are made accessible in this volume through images, correspondences, and other ephemera, revealing their political potential for the present.

The Material Marion von Osten series periodically publishes selected archival documents from von Osten’s projects and contextualizes them with new contributions.

ISBN 978-3-948200-17-6
March 2024

Editors: Lucie Kolb, Jonas von Lenthe, Max Stocklosa
Design: Max Stocklosa

Includes a conversation between Sezgin Boynik (Rab-Rab Press), Ferdiansyah Thajib (KUNCI Study Forum & Collective), Eleanor Ivory Weber & Camilla Wills (Divided Publishing) and the editors.

20 x 14 cm
112 pages
47 color illustrations
Thread-sewn paperback

Marion von Osten

The artist, curator, researcher and educator Marion von Osten (1963–2020) was based in Berlin since the early 1990s. Her transversal and always collaborative approach manifested across various media, including exhibitions, conferences, installations, as well as films, discussions, texts, teachings or self-published journals. Her projects were all intertwined and driven by her specific way of working rooted in artistic research and feminist organizing, with a transnational focus and a commitment to the project of decolonization. Among her works are the international exhibition series bauhaus imaginista (2017–2019), Viet Nam Discourse (2016–2018) at Tensta Konsthall, Project Migration (2002–2006) in Cologne, and Sex & Space (1996) at Shedhalle Zurich. As collective infrastructures, her collaborations included Labor k3000, kleines postfordistisches Drama (Minor Post-Fordist Drama, kpD) and the Center for Postcolonial Knowledge and Culture (CPKC).