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Former Team Member

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This is a placeholder team member profile. Links to personal websites, social media etc. appear on the left. Related posts are displayed below, related projects appear in the sidebar.

(The Test Project, that is linked to this profile, is marked as hidden on the website, so it isn’t displayed in the sidebar).

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A Full Post for Testing all the Features

A full-text post showing different content style features.

New publication just dropped

A smaller post that links directly to another website. (Post panel sizes are now unified again, so all post sizes are displayed in the same grid size.)

A quick update on the project

These post panels are content units themselves. They don’t have to link to a more detailed post page, but can contain all info, like this text here. This is good for shorter news you don’t really need much to write about. Like if you just want to share a link or a small note about some project or personal updates.

Link to a website