Research Team
Research Team

Dr. Ines Schauer

Research Assistant

Ines Schauer is a specialist in urban ecology who coaches and guides various audiences in enhancing biodiversity in their sphere of influence. She supports the MITWELTEN (“Con-vironments”) team and runs her own business (

She graduated as a pharmacist in 2000 at the University of Greifswald and holds a PhD in Molecular Biology. After working in vaccine development (Germany, USA) and regulatory affairs (Switzerland) until 2008 she completed the CAS “Natur im Siedlungsraum” at the ZHAW in 2017.

She is fascinated by observing how fears affect decisions and is thrilled to figure out win-win solutions. Besides she likes to sing Jodel, cares for a bat roost in Nenzlingen and a yellow-bellied tood population in Reinach.

Responsibility in postnatural environments

Friday, 5th July 2024
Critical Media Lab & online

In this one-day workshop we discuss whose responsibility, for what and to whom, is or should be evoked in environmental discourses.

Land as Pedagogy

Friday, 24th May 2024
Critical Media Lab & online

What kind of education is needed to support biodiversity in landscapes, and to develop practices of environmental justice? Building on Leanne Simpson’s evocation of land as pedagogy, this one-day workshop explores practices that align with Indigenous land-based knowledge transmission principles, aiming to take land as a source of knowledge, a way of grounding a system of reciprocal social relations and ethical practices.