Research Team
Research Team

Jan Torpus

Senior Researcher

Jan Torpus is a design and art researcher who develops practice-oriented research projects, works in interdisciplinary teams, and publishes primarily in the context of HCI. He investigates future and alternative techno-social lifeworlds and mindsets. Based on technological developments such as augmented reality and ubiquitous computing, he stages physical, immersive, interactive research settings that he examines with test persons to draw conclusions about experience, perception, behavior, and sense-making. Recently, he also applies his approach to ecology and biodiversity promotion in urban and recreational areas.

Responsibility in postnatural environments

Friday, 5th July 2024
Critical Media Lab & online

In this one-day workshop we discuss whose responsibility, for what and to whom, is or should be evoked in environmental discourses.

Land as Pedagogy

Friday, 24th May 2024
Critical Media Lab & online

What kind of education is needed to support biodiversity in landscapes, and to develop practices of environmental justice? Building on Leanne Simpson’s evocation of land as pedagogy, this one-day workshop explores practices that align with Indigenous land-based knowledge transmission principles, aiming to take land as a source of knowledge, a way of grounding a system of reciprocal social relations and ethical practices.