Research Team
Research Team

Dr. Johannes Bruder

Head of CML / Senior Researcher

Dr. Johannes Bruder studies the speculative and imaginary aspects of infrastructures – sociological models, psychological mechanisms, and affective potentials encoded in infrastructural designs ranging from algorithmic systems to financial markets to pipelines. He is currently most interested in imaginaries of energy, the physical realities that these imaginaries install, and the management of energies, physical and affective. The latter involves an interest in structures of feeling and tactics of disaffection. He has contributed to Transmediale, the Anthropocene Curriculum, the Energy Show at Het Nieuwe Instituut, among others, and his writing has been published by Routledge, MIT Press, Open Humanities Press, Valiz, and MQUP. Johannes has a strong interest in experimenting with research methods, knowledge practices, alternative pedagogies and publication formats that unsettle disciplinary paradigms and render research in the humanities operational in real-world contexts.

Mapathon with Majd Al-Shihabi & Jessika Khazrik

Wednesday, 8 May 2024

Rewriting FAIRness

Tuesday, 7th May 2024, 14.00-17.00 (CET)

An online symposium dedicated to exploring the intersection of practice-based art research and open research data (ORD).

A short text paragraph printed on a coloured paper slip on a table that had been distributed alongside many other cases for a research presentation
Data Management Planning

4th & 5th March 2024

A two-day workshop exploring a particular document in research processes, the data management plan and discussing its implications and how it could be re-imagined.

Queer AI

Friday, 15 March 2024, 10:00–12:30

Join the MAKE/SENSE PhD program for a discussion on Gender Stereotypes and Inclusivity in Artificial Intelligence.

With Mona Hedayati and Vagrant Gautam. Chaired by Johannes Bruder and Qingyi Ren.

Transverse & Timetravel

Monday, December 11th 2023

Annual Research Day, Basel Academy of Art and Design FHNW

A day of provocative joyful workshops, talks, performances, book launches, tender reading and exchange. Open to all.

IXDM and transmediale partnership launch

Our institute and transmediale are launching a new partnership for the 2023 festival edition a model, a map, a fiction.

CML at transmediale festival Berlin

1–5 February 2023

Energy – Extraction, Exhaustion, Depression

Wednesday, 2 November 2022

Colloquium session hosted by Anastasia Kubrak & Johannes Bruder, with guest Cara New Daggett.

Instituting Dissent

Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Anti-racist practices and activism in the academy, and institutional resistances to the unsettling of its scripts and algorithms. With guest Nelly Y. Pinkrah.

ZfM issue X – Kein Lagebericht

The new ZfM issue X – Kein Lagebericht thematizes and explores anti-racist practice within media studies. The invited contributions engage with racist experiences and continuities at the university and attempt to define coordinates of anti-racist practice at the academy and beyond.

The entire issue is open access and features a conversation between Sarah Sharma, Nelly Yaa Pinkrah, and CML member Johannes Bruder.

Theorie und Praxis der Maschinen­künste im 20. und 21. Jahrhundert

Prozesse – Medien – Kreativität
4 & 5 June 2021 / Online