Research Team
Research Team

Philipp Messner


Philipp Messner is a cultural scholar and scientific archivist. After working for many years at the UZH Archives, the central archives of the University of Zurich, he has been responsible for the public poster collection of the SfG Basel since 2020. As an archivist, he is practically concerned not only with the preservation of historical material, but above all with making it accessible and, not least, with questions of a future-oriented creation of documentary heritage.

Within the framework of the research project Sharing Knowledge in the Arts he is interested in the possibility of a multi-perspectival description of archival material and information objects related to it with the help of the open-source software Wikibase.

Contribution to Workshop «A Media History in n+1 Sources»

24 November 2023, University of Basel.

Decolonizing Digital Archives

21–25 August 2023

Continuing Education programme on post-digital and decolonizing practices in the context of digital archives.

Decolonizing Digital Archives

Workshop as part of the Continuing Education offers of FHNW Academy of Art and Design.