Research Team
Research Team

Ozan Güngör

Research Assistant

Ozan Güngör is an architect, designer and researcher based in Basel. First encountered virtual spaces in the form of architectural visualization tools, he increasingly occupied himself with the representational spaces. Using various media, ranging from post-digital collage to CG-animation, his practice focuses on building spaces in physical and non-physical realms as a form of sharing, storytelling, reshaping and resisting.

The Anatomy of Commoning-based Predictive Infrastructures

Workshop at CML and public panel discussion at HackThePromise festival Basel.

15–16 September 2023

Extended Ecologies Production Lab

Production phase of the Extended Ecologies programme hosted by Medrar Cairo, resulting in an exhibition of critical XR projects developed by participating artists and the release of a project publication.

Hack The Promise Festival Basel

Basel has a new festival for digital culture, art and society. Co-organised by CML research assistant Ozan Güngör, the first edition will take place from 15–17 September. If you’d like to help shape the festival, you can submit ideas for workshops, talks, performances, installations, screenings and more until 21 June.

Extended Ecologies Research Labs

In two research labs in February, selected participants and guests explore how virtual and real spaces can co-influence and co-create one another.

Extended Ecologies – Phase One: Research Labs

Open call for artists and researchers from Egypt and Switzerland to explore and reflect the possibilities of extended reality (XR) technologies through the lenses of ‘ecologies’ and ‘migrations’.

Deadline extended until 30 November.