Visiting Professorships for Viktor Bedö and Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

Funded by the Practice-to-Science grant of SNSF.

Teaching Artistic Strategies

Four-day symposium on research and pedagogy in the context of art and design institutions (23–26 May 2022).

ZfM issue X – Kein Lagebericht

The new ZfM issue X – Kein Lagebericht thematizes and explores anti-racist practice within media studies. The invited contributions engage with racist experiences and continuities at the university and attempt to define coordinates of anti-racist practice at the academy and beyond.

The entire issue is open access and features a conversation between Sarah Sharma, Nelly Yaa Pinkrah, and CML member Johannes Bruder.

Critical by Design?

A new open access anthology on the ambivalent tensions between design and critique.

Planetary Ecologies

A Discussion Group on Critical Environmentalisms and Intersectional Metabolics.

Following the Elephant-Nosed Fish

Reimagining our Sensorium

Apply Now: MA Masterstudio Experimental Design
Dialectic Diatribes on the New European Bauhaus

A series of microreviews of the New European Bauhaus project for SARN. Read online.